Tracfone GSM LG 500g

Size: 4.49" x 2.32" x 0.51"

Weight: 3.31oz OZ

Technology: GSM

Data: Yes/Full HTML Browser

Signal Strength: Excellent

Audio Quality: Very Good

Battery Life: Very Good

Extra Features: Full QWERTY, MP3, Video Recorder, Digital Camera, SD card Slot, Appable, Full HML Browser

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The LG500g is an excellent entry level full QWERTY phone. Now don't be fooled by the words "entry level" because that really just describes the price. Besides the obvious full KB convenience, the phone is packed full of features that up until now have only been available for Net10 and Straight Talk users. Features like onboard mp3 player, video recorder, expandable sd card slot and more are just a few. This phone is also capable of running Java applications from sites like so functionality is limitless. Not much not to like about this phone. Excellent features, comfortable ergonomics and great price. You seriously cannot go wrong spending less than 30 bucks on this one!