Tracfone GSM LG 600

Size: 1.791" x 3.897" x 0.547"

Weight: 3.174 OZ

Technology: GSM

Data: Yes

Signal Strength: Very good

Audio Quality: Excellent

Battery Life: Up to 6.5 hrs talk time. 200 hrs stand-by

Extra Features: Bluetooth, Camera, Unit conversion, World Time, Voice Dial, Call Recording

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The LG600 is a flat style flip phone with slightly roundish feel to it. This phone has bluetooth, external display, and TracFone offers Data as well. The keypad is excellent as the buttons are not very close together and you get the "push back" feel to them. Voice dial is a great feature if you sync up with a bluetooth headset and are busy driving or multi-tasking. There is a neat feature called "Fixed dialing" which I recently discovered. Basically, you set up a pass code and enter a list of numbers the phone can only dial out to. The risk with using Fixed dialing is if you forget your pass code you may be stuck. 911 still functions while Fixed dial is turned on. Do not quote me but I believe you need to use PIN2 = 2222. This is another no frills offering but one that offers good call quality and excellent reliability.