Tracfone CDMA via Verizon or Sprint ZTE Valet

Size: 4.55x2.45x.50

Weight: 4.55oz OZ

Technology: CDMA via Verizon or Sprint

Data: 3g

Signal Strength: Excellent

Audio Quality: Excellent

Battery Life: Excellent

Extra Features: true smartphone for Tracfone, Tracfone Android plan, download apps, Google Maps, Google Play, 3.0mp camera with led flash,4.0" screen, Android jelly bean,

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The Tracfone ZTE Valet is an all new Android phone for the Tracfone prepaid calling plan. Don't mistake this for your traditional Tracfone because this phone blows all old Tracfones away by a country mile! The first thing to point out on this phone is the fact that this is a true smartphone which lets you dowload apps, music, videos and more. Unlike Tracfones of yesteryear, this one can download true apps so no crappy java apps for you here! Another highlight is the fact that you also get a true Youtube player, GPS capabilities via Google Navigation and Google maps.

The next thing to mention is the fact that this phone features an all new Tracfone calling plan. Now this does not mean you have to pay more because this phone uses the same Tracfone cards as previous gen phones. The difference here is that you can now use data without burning your calling or text time. You see, this plan now features 3 different buckets if you will. One bucket for calling, one for texting and one for data. Gone are the days where you would burn up your airtime by simply opening your browser! With this phone, you can browse the internet without burning up your calling time so a huge difference here.

The hardware again, is like no other Tracfone before it. You get a true touch screen so gone are the inductive touch screens that you had push firmly on or use a stylus. A slight tap is all you need on the ZTE valet. Also gone are the physical push buttons because the ZTE Valet has true touch buttons also known as capacitive touch.

All in all, the ZTE Valet introduces the Android experience to a true prepaid pay as you go plan. With the Valet, you can finally enjoy a true smartphone experience at a prepaid price.