Tracfone Benefits Over Other Prepaid Services

While most prepaid plans operate under the same premise, no contracts , pay as you go, you control your costs, etc , not all prepaid plans are created equal. In the prepaid world Tracfone is unrivaled in coverage and straight forward and superior pricing. Compare your current rates with our Tracfone Double Minutes for Life Savings Calculator.

-Coverage area: The reason Tracfone has been so successful over the years is that they offer nationwide coverage. This is because they use the nations top cellular carriers, Tracfone has created a coverage foot print that encompases 99% of the US population. In fact, Tracfone offers far better prepaid coverage than the prepaid plans provided by the carriers themselves. The reason for this is that the major cellular carriers offer limited coverage to their prepaid customers while offering a full coverage area to their contract customers. Since Tracfone essentially resells contract plans as prepaid plans, Tracfone customers can get the carriers full contract plan coverage.

-Competetive Pricing: In many cases, Tracfone offers better pricing to their prepaid customers than some of the major national carriers do to theirs. Tracfone has over 10 million customers, far more than any other prepaid provider, they can get the best rates from the carriers and pass the savings on to their customers. With the recent introduction of Tracfone's Double Minutes For Life Plan, customers can get rates as low as 8 cents a minute and since Tracfone runs numerous promotions throught the year, some customers can realize even better rates. Please see our Current Tracfone Promotions page for dozens of free bonus codes that will lower you per minute costs. While other carriers offer better per min rates on paper, they all include some sort of "daily access" fee. So suppose you only use your phone for 1 min one day, then you can end up paying as much as $1.xx for that one minute call. This makes pricing very confusing and comparissons very difficult to make.

-No Hiddent Fees: One of the great things about Tracfone service is that what you see is what you get. When researching prepaid plans, customers should always pay attention to the hidden or "daily access" fees. This is how how all of the major carriers manage to turn "prepaid" plans into "contract" plans in terms of costs. AT&T, TMobile, Verizon and Alltel all have what are called "daily access" fees. Typically, they will charge anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00 per day on the days a customer uses their phone. So if a customer uses their phone everyday, then they end up paying an additional $30 and higher simply on access fees, not to mention the per minute costs. In the end, the only difference between their contract plans and their prepaid plans is that you do not sign a contract and customers do not fully realize the benefits of prepaid. With Tracfone, you simply pay for the cards and you are done.

Below are the "daily access" fees on the prepaid plans for the top 4 national carriers.

Carrier Daily access fee
AT&T 10 cents a min + $1.00 per day
TMobile 10 cents a min + $1.00 per day

various per min rates in addition to $1.00-$3.00 perday rates

Alltel 10 cents a min + daily rates "starting at" 75 cents per day