Tracfone Coverage Area

Tracfone has a coverage footprint that can provide coverage to 99% of the US population. One of the biggest questions we get from people is what carrier they will get in a given area. Here are a few guidelines.

-Which Carrier: While in many cases it is difficult to predict which carrier you will end up with (Tracfone's line inventory varies from day to day and they also have "preferred" carriers for certain areas), you can narrow down the carriers by seeing which market Tracfone selects on their site for your zip code. Click here to test your zip code and narrow down your carrier options.

-GSM Carriers:GSM is Tracfone's primary technology. The major GSM carriers are AT&T and TMobile. It is likely that over 90% of Tracfone customers will use one of these two carriers. GSM phones use a SIM card to store the phone programing in addition to any information a customer programs into the phone such as contacts and images. The reason why this is Tracfone's perferred technology is because GSM carriers offer the best rates. As a result, they can offer GSM market customers their Double Minutes for Life plan bundles on more of their best selling GSM phones. The Double Minutes for life phone bundles include all the latest popular models like LG800g and LG500g. In addition to better per minute pricing, they can offer better roaming rates on GSM phones. Yet another advantage of a GSM phone is that Tracfone can offer an extended grace period on these phones. The grace period is the time allowed before your phone begins to deduct minutes. The GSM grace period is the time it takes for the person you call to answer while the CDMA grace period is only 15 seconds. About the only drawback of a GSM phone is when a customer moves or requests a new phone number. If this occurs, Tracfone will ship a new SIM card free of charge but the phone will be out of service while the SIM is in transit (usually 2-3 business days).

AT&T Coverage Area

TMobile Coverage Area

CDMA Carriers

CDMA is Tracfone's secondary technology as it is probably only used by about 10% of their customers. CDMA carriers include Verizon and US Cellular. Unlike GSM, CDMA phones do not require a SIM. The phone stores all programming internally. Tracfone still offers their Double Minutes of Life bundle though not on as many phones. They also do not advertise anywhere near as much as they do on their GSM offerings. This is due to the fact that Tracfone does not receive as good a pricing as they do on their GSM phones (with the exception of maybe Verizon as this is one of Tracfones largest carriers). Since Tracfone's rates are usually higher on CDMA, their grace period is only 15 seconds and their roaming rates are a little higher.

Verizon Coverage Area

Alltel Coverage Area