Tracfone for Kids

Parents, Tracfone is the perfect starter cell phone for kids of all ages. Tracfone is affordable, easy to use,   allows you to closely control  talk time, teaches responsibility  and most importantly, allows you to keep in touch with your kids.

Affordability and easy to use- The great thing about Tracfone is that unlike contract carriers, it offers a wide variety of usage plans and several affordable phone models hat are suitable for kids of all ages. Tracfone is perfect for kids because it allows them to have a cell phone that will not  cost you a fortune. Whether they need an emergency phone they can use to call you when needed  or  a monthly allowance of minutes/texting so they can communicate with their friends, Tracfone has an affordable plan that will suit your needs and budget.  With Tracfone your child can keep an emergency phone for as little as $6 a month and your pre-teen can have  over 2 hours of talk time or over 400 outbound texts (inbound texts are free) for only $13 with the Double Minutes for Life bundles. Below are some recommended bundles with easy to use phones:

-Motorola W370 with Double Minutes for Life only $19.99 Enter Promo 23444 for $3.00 discount.
-LG225 Camera phone with Double Minutes for Life $39.99 Enter Promo 23444 for $3.00 discount.*Recommended only for older kids
-Free Motorola C261 with 120 minutes only $29.99
-Free Motorola V170 with 120 minutes only $29.99

You control the costs-One of the best things about prepaid is that you can control the costs to fit your budget. This is an excellent idea when it comes to getting your child their first phone. With a contract phone, it is next to impossible to control your kids talk time. This makes them impractical and expensive as the overage charges can really add up.  With Tracfone, you can eliminate the possibility of getting that surprise bill at the end of the month. You simply determine your budget and buy the minutes you feel comfortable paying for. So not only do you save money but your child learns a valuable lesson in responsibility. If they know they are on a budget, they will be more likely to use their minutes wisely. As an added bonus, you can use the minutes as an allowance , a motivator to get them to do their chores or as a reward for getting good grades, doing all their homework, etc. 

Child Safety- Did you know that approximately 800,000 juveniles are reported missing each and every year? Wouldn't you want your child to be able to reach you when they need you the most? A cell phone can be an invaluable tool when it comes to child safety. When you consider all the dangers in the world today, a cell phone can literally become a life saver. Unfortunately, it's not always affordable or practical to buy your child a cell phone. Luckily, with Tracfone , you can get your child an easy to use, inexpensive and reliable phone for as little as $6 a month.   Tracfone offers several models under $20 that are perfect for children. Tracfone also offers free phone bundles with the purchase of airtime for as little as $29.99.

These models include:

Motorola W175g $14.99

Kyocera K126C $14.99

Motorola C139 $14.99

Motorola V170 $19.99 Get $3.00 OFF with Promo 23444