Tracfone Vs Contract

Tracfone's new Double Minutes for Life bundles have made Tracfone rates comparable to contract rates. With cost no longer being an issue with prepaid, it boils down to contracts, flexibility, hidden fees, taxes and overage charges. The lack of flexibility with contract phones, customers can end up paying a wide range of rates. This can be anthing from 10-9 cents per minute to $50+ for no minutes. With a Tracfone Double Minutes for Life plan, the per minute costs are very narrow, usually within a range of 16-9 cents. If for example, you needed a phone for emergency purposes, you would more than likely opt for a carriers minimum contract plan.

The typical minimum plan is approximately $50. Customers would end up paying $50 a month just to keep a phone active. With Tracfone, a customer can have the flexibility of keeping a phone active for as little as $6 a month. If they decide to up their usage to the national average mothly talk time of 760 minutes, they could still realize 9 cents per minute by purchasing the highest denomination card. Since the average mothly bill of a contract customer is $77 for an average of 760 minutes or 10 cents a minute, the Tracfone customer would still get better rates with their Double Minutes for Life plan.

Flexibility is also great during rough economic times. Should your situation change and you have a contract phone, you can either keep paying it or pay huge fees to cancel. With Tracfone, you can simply let it expire if you had to or simply purchase the minimum card to keep the phone active. Of course there are some drawbacks to Tracfone and prepaid in general. The main one being the lack of data plans. Also, if you are the type that needs the latest and greatest phone, then Tracfone is probably not for you.

Prepaid and Tracfone Myths

Prepaid is more expensive than regular contract service. That may have been the case years ago when was still a new concept. That is not the case today however. Statistics show that the average person is now spending $77 each month on their bill and using approximately 760 minutes each month. Based on this average, if for example you purchased the Double Minutes for Life Motorola 376g Tracfone package and a 450 minute card (900 with the double units) you would save about 10% on your wireless costs.

With prepaid you do not get any features like caller id, call waiting, voicemail and texting. Again, that may have been the case in the old days. Today, Tracfone offers all these features with just about every single phone they activate. In fact, if your local carrier has these features so will your Tracfone.

Tracfones are always stuck on roaming . This used to be the case back when Tracfone used to only offer analog service. Back then, many customers received roaming numbers and for these customers, it was very difficult to find non roaming numbers. This usually occured on the fringes of carriers' coverage area. Today, Tracfone uses all of the major carriers in the US which cover 99% of the population. If there is coverage in your area, you will receive a non-roaming number. Of course there is still a very small percentage of customers that might get roaming numbers. This is usually caused by customers who use a different zip than their own or in very rare cases when Tracfone runs out of lines for a given area (usually during high volume times like Christmas).

Tracfones is a reseller, they take a long time to fix problems when they arise. Unlike many service resellers, Tracfone has direct access to all of the major carrier's systems. This means that they can usually take care activation issues quickly. Tracfone has a first call resolution of 90%+, this means they take care of an issue on the first call over 90% of the time.

Tracfone prepaid phones are outdated and don't have features like downloadable ringtones and Bluetooth. While Tracfone may not have the latest and greatest, they have a wide variety of phones. This includes phones that support downloadable MP3 ringtones, images and Bluetooth.

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