Which Market Will Tracfone Select for Me Tutorial

Use our Tracfone Carrier tester or follow the instructions below.

This brief tutorial will show you how to determine which market Tracfone will select for your zip code. This will narrow down the possible carriers.

1. Go to Tracfone.com and enter your zip code. (Don't go there just yet, you need to know what you are looking for)

2. Confirm your area.

3. Look at the url (web address) in your address bar. You will have a url that looks like: http://www.tracfone-orders.com/bpdirect/tracfone/Start.do?action=view&market=GSM5AT........

4. The underlined bold part where it says market=GSM5AT is the part that tells you which carrier/technology Tracfone has selected for your zip code. More specifically, the part after the equals sign. (Above is just an example, it will be different for your zip)

Here is what the different market codes mean.

  • GSM4 - You will get AT&T
  • GSM5 - You will get T-Mobile
  • GSM5AT - You will get T-Mobile or AT&T
  • CO - You will get a CDMA carrier
  • COGSM4 -You will get either a CDMA carrier or AT&T depending on the phone you select.
  • COGSM5 -You will get either a CDMA carrier or T-Mobile depending on the phone you select.

Remember that the CDMA carriers are Verizon, Alltel and US Cellular. Keep in mind that Tracfone prefers GSM. Even if CDMA is available in your area, Tracfone may not display CDMA phones in your particular zip. There are other times when they do not have any GSM lines in their inventory so it may just show you CDMA. You can try different zip codes in your general area to see the results. It should be noted that while trying different zip codes may give you different (sometimes better) phone offers, you may end up with a roaming number. This is not usually an issue in bigger cities but in smaller towns where the next zip might be miles away, it is usually best to use your own zip code.

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